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Creating a string Internet presence for your business involves many aspects. The team at Click n Call apply fresh ideas and years of industry experience to boost your business up the ranks.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the clever use of a variety of methods to increase the search ranking of your website. This strategy can span from on-page content optimisation to off page, or otherwise known as link building techniques. SEO is an crucial part to most online marketing strategies and with a well-versed strategy; all sites will see improved keyword positions/rankings.

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Effective SEO will get your website on the first page of a relevant Google search. SEO is of great importance for any business website because, without SEO, the chances of your website making it to the front page of the search engine results are slim. SEO is a longer term strategy designed to improve organic search results naturally, compared to Pay-Per-Click which is instant, but it’s effect stops once you turn off the ads.

Processes That Work

Leveraging our experience and other paid services we have developed a streamlined SEO process that gets results. Watch as your website moves up the ranks!

Informative Content
We place information rich content in key places throughout the Internet, and create strong links back to your website.
Visitor Growth

We monitor how your SEO campaign is progressing. As the campaign establishes itself your site visitors will grow.

Google Analytics
Using Google Analytics we can provide key performance indicators and easy to understand reports for our customers.
Innovative Strategies
Our websites are built with SEO in mind and work in conjunction with our innovative SEO strategies.
Link Building
The more quality links back to your site the better. We have partnered with key players in the space to make this happen.
Reputation Management
Links created to your site from poor quality sources can damage your reputation. We clean those up.

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    Take Advantage of Our Experience

    When you take advantage of an SEO campaign developed by Click n Call you can expect to see a vast improvement in your Google and other search engine rankings, which greatly improves your visibility to prospective clients and customers.


    First we check your website for anything that might be stopping it from climbing the ranks, and if necessary we may suggest changes or additions to content. Following that, we go about getting your business talked about all over the internet. Creating links back to your website with relevant content is the name of the game, and we know the best ways to go about it.